Saturday, September 17, 2011

we get by just fine here on minimum wage

I love married life and my hubby who does such sweet things for me. We were really lucky to have had so many things given to us before moving out here. Things like couches, a bed, a desk, dresser, kitchen table, a sound system, good pots and pans, awesome gift cards, and lots of other things. They have helped us so much. We have been blessed so that we haven't had to buy too many things to get our home in order.

Justin and I feel really strongly about staying out of as much debt as possible and living within our means. I have a full time job out here and was lucky to have found it so quickly. We use the student loans for tuition, books, and anything else school related. The rest of our expenses come from my paycheck. Its not always the easiest but we think its what is best for us. If I was unable to work or if we had kids it would be a different story and we would be glad to take advantage of programs to help provide for and feed our family. But I'm glad to be able to work and let Justin focus on school and his goal of becoming a great Chiropractor.

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Clark and Sheila Hansen Family said...

Alissa, I love your blog. You are so cute and smart. I am glad you have always been frugal and wise with your money. I know you two will be a great success in everything you do and I have no doubt that Justin will be the best chiropractor ever! love, Dad (Phoenix, AZ)