Friday, September 16, 2011

Clean Clothes

Upon moving to Iowa and finding a place to live for the next three years I had a few requirements. One was a washer and dryer. (In our next home I'm adding a dishwasher to the list...) I love things to be clean. Especially my clothes, sheets, towels, ect. I had done my laundry at a laundermat while at school and I dreded doing my laundry because something always went wrong. I just wanted to wash my clothes from the comfort of  my own house! So we were going to rent some from our landlords but decided it would be cheaper over three years to just buy some. When I got my job here at a quite little office I mentioned to my boss that we were looking for a washer/dryer and he said he knew a way to get a great deal on a fancy new red pair. Justin and I did some research and decided to take him up on that generous offer.
So now I have this awesome washer and dryer to do my laundry whenever I like. All I have to worry about is avoiding the scary spiders that live in our basement. Speaking of spiders... there are tons here and I have a small case of arachnophobia. Its not a very good combo. Anyway, they spin webs on our back door so that I can't come inside until Justin kills them and tears down the web. But they always come back and are there to scare me the next night. Its awful but hopefully I'm getting better with tolerating them. Maybe.

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