Monday, December 29, 2014

The Best Job

This year has been good to me. I have so much to be thankful for and can't even write it all down. 

The biggest blessing was the birth of my happy, healthy baby girl. Emma Christine Thompson was born September 2 at 4:48 AM weighing 8 lbs. 2 oz. and 19 inches long. She was born with long dark hair and big chubby cheeks. Getting to the point of actually being in labor was a long difficult process for me. I was sure she would she would come early, and since the doctors told me the measles put me at risk for pre-term labor, Justin was so sure I'd have her at least one week maybe two weeks early... bad thinking. I was not very happy being overdue and had quite a few emotional breakdowns because I was still pregnant. I went to the hospital and was turned away twice the two days leading up to actually being admitted.
(If you're not interested in the rest of the birth story feel free to stop reading now.)

I was having more emotional breakdowns because I felt like I was never going to have this baby, and Justin was depressed as well. So we decided since it was a holiday, Labor Day, we should get out and do something to take our minds off of it. We went to Farmington station and walked around the shops and then went to see a movie. I was still having contractions that I had to breathe a little bit through and they always seemed to happen during the quiet parts of the movie. After that we did another lap and came home to take a nap since we had been up and at the hospital the previous two nights. As I was standing next to the bed I felt and heard a pop then felt a little gush. Hallelujah, my water had finally broke and I was actually going to meet my baby girl! We went to the hospital a couple hours later. I was 4 to 5 cm and 90% at that point. Since we had so many false alarms, Justin and I were tired already but I knew I wanted to have a natural birth. I got on the birthing ball while they monitored the baby and checked me in. My midwife Julie got there a little after 9 PM and started the tub. The nurses couldn't get an IV needle in my hand so the anesthesiologist had to come to put it in when I was in the tub. My contractions were getting stronger and I couldn't get much counter pressure in the tub so I got out and lay on my side in the bed. My midwife and Justin did counter pressure through each contraction and that really helped me. I was progressing well and thought maybe I could get the baby out by midnight but that was not the case. My contractions has slowed down and were not being very effective so we decided to use some Pitocin. When the Pitocin started to work, I felt like pushing again. The nurse, Karla, was holding one leg and Justin the other. They could start to see the head again and the nurse encouraged me to look in the mirror. I didn't think I wanted to watch but I'm so glad that I did. It was so cool to see and know what was happening. Finally the head got into position but my contractions were still kind of far apart at times so as she was crowning I had to push through a couple contractions with her head stuck right there. I definitely felt the burn and that was probably the most painful part as I watched her head stuck there waiting for the next contraction. I was determined to get her out with the next one and out she came! They placed her on my chest and it was amazing! I didn't quite know what was going on around me but I was so glad she was finally out. Justin cut the cord and they took her to check her out really quick. Then asked if they could weigh and measure her or if I wanted her back and I said “give her back to me!” I had such an emotional high after giving birth and felt like I could totally do it again. 

Childbirth was one of the hardest things I've done but also one of the coolest and most rewarding things. I did my research and prepared for it. I knew what I wanted to do but also that I couldn't control it all either. My sweet husband did great and I didn't even get mad at him. I wasn't sure how that dynamic would play out but we were an awesome team. The midwife that I chose was amazing and right by my side the whole time! Without her it would have been a lot harder and I don't think I would have loved my birth experience as much if she weren't there. If anyone is looking for midwife in the Salt Lake area, I would highly recommend you check her out

I know that everyone's body is different and not everyone can have an experience like mine. However I do think that anyone who wants to have an natural childbirth and prepares for it, can do it! 

Now that I have a child of my own I understand a little bit better the love that my Father in heaven has for each of his children. It still amazes me how much love I have for this little girl and how easily it comes. Sure she can drive me crazy when she wont sleep at night but I can't help but smile when I see her cute face. Being a mom sure has its ups and downs but its a job I wouldn't trade for the world.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Controversial Trip to Europe

The end of March was my family vacation and unfortunately Justin had to take his National Boards right in the middle of it. So I had to leave Justin behind and went with the family to EUROPE! My parents figured its only going to get harder to have these family vacations now that Amie and I are both having babies. My sister Kara also missed out but she is on a Mission spreading the gospel in Independence, MO. Even though I missed my husband, it was still an amazing trip. My dad had a medical conference in Brussels, Belgium so we all flew into London and while we stayed there for 3 nights in a 5 start hotel he went on to Brussels. We met up with him there for a night, then we all went on to Paris for the rest of the trip. We saw so many wonderful things in each city. We ate some great food as well as some not so great food too. The two pregnant ladies had some difficulty walking all day but we were so glad we got to be there and experience it all. Thanks mom and dad for the once-in-a-lifetime trip!

I did bring back something from Europe that I didn't mean to though... the measles! I returned to Redding and thought I was getting the flu or a cold because my brother had been sick and I wasn't feeling great. That next weekend though I had a high fever, spots all over my body, spots in my mouth, bright red eyes, and a terrible cough. Home care is really the only treatment for measles but Justin took me to the emergency room when my fever was 104 to get checked out and pump me with some liquids to help bring it down. I stayed there for 7 hours and was out of it. I had to be quarantined. When I saw myself in the mirror I realized that I'd be pretty scared of myself if I didn't know what was going on. The nurses didn't want to release me but instead just monitor me for 3 days while the results of my blood test came back. The infection control Dr. knew that there wasn't really anything they could do for me there anymore. He had been talking with Justin and knew I'd be in good hands at home. As long as I stayed quarantined and came in if any complications arose, I was able to go home. Justin took great care of me and I made good recovery. It was a little scary there for a minute though. As far as we can tell the baby is OK too. I did make the news however! Without using my name they made a pretty good campaign for the vaccination companies and made me look like a menace to society. Hey, I didn't know I had the measles when I went out to Olive Garden! I thought it was the flu!

After seeing what the CDC was doing to my family and the comments people made about the articles I was pretty upset. I felt like I was being compared to a terrorist, intentionally harming others. Once I knew I had the measles I obviously stayed away from people. But why should they be so scared if they were vaccinated? My parents chose not to vaccinate me and I do not hold that against them. Did I enjoy having these illnesses? Of course not but my immune system has been strengthened by having chicken pox, measles, and rubella, etc. The measles is not a deadly disease. It used to be commonplace for children to get it and recover without any problems. Only if they had certain serious but very rare complications was it deadly. "From 1953-1963, about 500,000 children got the Measles every year out of a population of 2.5 to 4 million who were susceptible. That is a 12.5 to 20% infection rate. Of those infected about 500 had serious complications and died. That is a 0.1% mortality rate." A look at this graph shows that the measles was already on its way down due to better health and sanitary standards before the vaccine was even introduced. Hmm.
Check our this article to learn more about the measles

I don't like to be in the middle of a controversy, but I was thrown in face first. I believe some vaccines are good and even necessary. I think that whether or not parents choose to vaccinate their children is a personal decision to be made thoughtfully and prayerfully. I can respect those who choose to vaccinate as well as those who do not, without argument. I just wish that others would show the same respect, as we are all just doing what we believe to be best for families and children.

The Big Year

This year of 2014 is a big one for the Thompson's. We will have moved twice with potential for a third, we have a baby due in August, and Justin graduates as a Doctor of Chiropractic in October.

But first things first, the biggest news. Yes, we're pregnant! It's a little girl and she is due the middle to end of August. We weren't exactly trying but we had decided to stop preventing having kids. But both of us knew without saying it that it was time to have a baby. Now we refer to her as "belly" most of the time since we haven't been able to think of a name yet. She is pretty active in there, especially in the mornings. Justin and I love to feel her moving around, and he is convinced about how cute she is already.

Already a lot has happened just since being here in Redding. I am so grateful to my in-laws for helping us pack up our home in Davenport and take it to Utah. We moved here the first week of March and are renting a room out of an elderly couple's home. At first I was a little weary of the situation but, you can live anywhere for 3 months, right?! Our room is right next to theirs and our bathroom is just across the hall. They are really sweet people though and have been really kind to us. We have just the bare necessities: bed, closet, desk, mini fridge, microwave, and of course our own little balcony. Justin works at the VA clinic Mon-Thurs and I've taken the opportunity to just take it easy these 3 months. (I've read a lot of books!)

Now we are getting ready to move to Utah for Justin's second and final internship. He will be working at his uncle's office until graduation in October and then we'll see what happens from there. We could stay or we could buy/open up a practice somewhere else. I'm just taking it one step at a time!

Catch up

So much has happened since I last blogged.

  • I switched jobs and went to work for the orthodontist across the parking lot form where I was before.
  • Justin received the largest Scholarship offered at Palmer.
  • Went to Utah for my older sister Amie's wedding!

  • Took another trip to Chicago
  • Got released from my Young Women calling and put into the Nursery
  • Ran the famous Davenport BIX 7 mile race twice
  • Made a new best friend
  • Had a 6 month bought in braces (Justin had his a little longer)
  • Made it through two more Iowa winters (the latter being the coldest in 40 years)
  • We bought a 2008 Honda CRV
  • Justin applied and was accepted for an internship with the VA hospital
  • Sold our '02 Galant
  • Got pregnant
  • Moved to Redding, California for the 3 month internship
Well that covers most of it, I think. I'll go into some more details in my next post!