Saturday, August 27, 2011

our little home.

I feel so blessed to have this little place. It fits us perfectly and is in a pretty good location. There is some decorating to be done but, for our first place together, I love it! Our backyard is Duck Creek and it has an awesome bike/walking path (you can kind of see it in the picture). I sometimes tell myself I'm going to be a runner so I like that feature.  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

married life

So marriage is pretty cool. Look what my sweet husband got for me while I was at work.
He's a cutie.

He has also cleaned the house a few times for me too! I love little surprises and Justin does a good job with those. 

We have been married for three and a half months now. It feels like we've been together so long but at the same time it is still so new. I love it and wouldn't change it! Since we got married I have definitely learned a lot about myself and how to live with someone else there all the time. It's been an adventure but it's been a good one.

Here's what our typical day looks like: Around 7:20am I drop Justin off at school and then I head to work. There I play the part of a receptionist and wait untill the clock says 4:55pm when I finally can go pick up my hubby. We head home and think of what we can create for a delicious dinner. We might watch something like "So You Think You Can Dance" and I talk about how much I just need to go dancing. Sometimes we make a treat by blending milk, blueberries, and a little sugar together. It sounds weird but its actually quite tasty. Justin studies and I help quiz him, then its time to sleep so we can get up the next day and leave on time. We don't seem to be very exciting but we are having fun making our life together out here in Iowa!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nauvoo, IL

We've been there three times since moving out here to Iowa. Most recently we went on the 6th of August with our ward to the Temple. This time we had a few different special experiances. I love taking the two hour drive down there. I didn't think I'd like it out here all that much, but I have to admit the rolling grren hills, corn fields, and the drive along the river are really pretty.

Historic Nauvoo itself is a sight to see. There are a bunch of old shops, cafe's, historical sites, and of course the Temple.

Isn't it beautiful?

After a wonderful session we went across the street to this awesome little shop for some lunch. It was so delicious and I can't think of the name but its on the corner just across the street. I got a turkey-cranberry-apple sandwich and Justin got a turkey bacon club. They were both great and I can't wait for the next time we go to get another one!

I drove the four hour round trip this time so Justin could study for one of his five upcoming tests. We decided to stop a little over half way at a small frozen yogurt shop and then got back on the road. As we were driving along I noticed a cop drive by us on the other side of the road. So I checked my speed and made sure I was only going about five over, naturally. Then about five minutes later I look in my rearview mirror and guess who's there? The policeman. I didn't know what to do and not thinking asked "What do I do? Should I pull over?" Justin laughing at me answered, "yes, of course you should pull over." The policeman was nice and right off the bat said it was a warning but the reson he noticed us is that we dont have a license place on the front of our car. In Iowa its required to put plates on the front and back. He also said I was going a little fast (oops). So you could say that scared me a little and the rest of the way home I definitely went the speed limit! So we have to figure out how to get a plate on the damaged front and I'm always on the lookout for those sneaky men.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And So It Begins...

I'm jumping into the blogging world! Feel free to give tips on how to improve!

Since Justin and I got married and moved out to Iowa in a wirlwind of a month, I thought a blog would be a good way of showing what we're up to in our life out in corn country. We love it out here so far and have had a lot of fun setting up our life and home together. So with this I will try to keep you posted and give you a little taste of what we're up to!