Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tweet Me!

Here's a secret about me. I love Facebook for stalking people but that is about it. I hardly ever post anything and I certainly do not make status updates. The last status I had was probably about my wedding... and before that, my engagement... I figure I can't just start putting up status' or people may think I've gone crazy! But the truth is... I kind of want to say random things to the world sometimes. I got an iPhone for my birthday from my man and discovered the beauty of so many other forms of social media. I now love Instagram and more recently Twitter. With Twitter I can just say whatever I want, whenever I feel so inclined! It's awesome! Who cares if anyone really sees it, but I have fun with it. Now I just have to watch that I'm not spending more time on my phone than with my man. Oops!

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