Sunday, March 4, 2012

good lookin'... I mean cookin'

I love food. A little too much (as my love handles can attest). Justin and I both have fun thinking of what to make and finding recipes from family cookbooks and using ideas from things we see off like The Food Channel and stuff.

We saw a Rhodes Rolls commercial the other day that suggested you use the rolls as pizza dough. So we had to try it. We made a fancy half mushroom, sausage half leftover chimichurri, steak, tomato pizza. Turned out to be delicious.
A family Pot Pie recipe that was super yummy posted by Justin's cousin. It called for white wine so maybe that's why it tasted so good...
 Our early "Christmas morning" Monkey Bread and dipping sauce. Yeah, we ate the whole thing.
Buffalo Chicken Salad is one of our favorites. Justin batters and shallow fries the chicken. Then we make some buffalo sauce to drench them in before putting it on top of some romaine with black beans, green onion and ranch of course!
I'm so lucky to have a husband that cooks and likes it!

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