Thursday, August 18, 2011

married life

So marriage is pretty cool. Look what my sweet husband got for me while I was at work.
He's a cutie.

He has also cleaned the house a few times for me too! I love little surprises and Justin does a good job with those. 

We have been married for three and a half months now. It feels like we've been together so long but at the same time it is still so new. I love it and wouldn't change it! Since we got married I have definitely learned a lot about myself and how to live with someone else there all the time. It's been an adventure but it's been a good one.

Here's what our typical day looks like: Around 7:20am I drop Justin off at school and then I head to work. There I play the part of a receptionist and wait untill the clock says 4:55pm when I finally can go pick up my hubby. We head home and think of what we can create for a delicious dinner. We might watch something like "So You Think You Can Dance" and I talk about how much I just need to go dancing. Sometimes we make a treat by blending milk, blueberries, and a little sugar together. It sounds weird but its actually quite tasty. Justin studies and I help quiz him, then its time to sleep so we can get up the next day and leave on time. We don't seem to be very exciting but we are having fun making our life together out here in Iowa!

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