Saturday, December 10, 2011

Its the Holiday Season...

I love Christmas time! Everything about it just makes me so happy. I truly believe its the most wonderful time of the year!! The smell of pine and baked goodies, the sounds of carols and bells, the crowds shopping for gifts and treats, and the happy spirit that everyone has, it all is what makes me so happy.
We got a little four foot tree that I decorated, and we put up the other very few decorations we have. The Christmas music has been playing since mid- November and my sister even gave me the new Justin Bieber Christmas which is fantastic. N'Sync Christmas is also a childhood favorite to help bring in the season.
My sweet parents are flying us out to Arizona for the holiday and I am so excited! I can't wait to be there with Justin and the rest of my family to celebrate!
My job at the Orthodontic office is going great and I am learning new things everyday. I have made some not so fun mistakes along the way though. (Like knocking over a box on the the floor that was filled with hundreds of the colors that go on the braces. Then I had to sterilize them and sort them again.) Justin is studying like crazy because this 2nd Trimester is the toughest but he's doing well. He always has something cool to share that he has been learning.
It snowed here this week and stuck! I enjoyed watching it... but then I had to go out and drive in it. Lets just say that snow and ice on the streets are not my friend.

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Katie and Cam said...

Alissa! So cute! I miss you tons but enjoy reading up on your blog! So glad you are doing well and you look so happy :)